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Well-loved, well-cared for, ready to roll!

I currently drive a 1994 model. A sedan car with a CD player. Mostly still original, the paintwork is a metallic blue. The 2-liter engine has 136 HP. The series fittings looked great when the car was made. But it goes without saying that Ive revamped them a lot since. The cruise control has done me a great service over the years. For a few years now, Ive had a dual DTM-style exhaust tip. With a radiator grille insert to match. Ive also put a lot of work in on the interior. Ive built blue lights into the door lining. And the center console also boasts a root wood trim. Ive got plenty of plans for the future too, including new rear wings, spoilers, and Angel Eyes in black. Inside Im aiming for a sophisticated look with an exclusive leather trim.